On Wednesday, icon Mariah Carey, 54, joined in on the fun with her twins Monroe and Moroccan, 12, for the latest TikTok trend. Carey’s 2008 Grammy hit “Touch My Body” has climbed to the top of TikTok’s viral dance challenges, with thousands of users following suit.

@mariahcarey Why not? Jumping on the trend of my own song lol #touchmybody ♬ Touch My Body – Mariah Carey

In the video, Carey’s aesthetic is nothing less than fabulous as she talks on the phone, mouthing the ad-libs of her song — with long, beautiful wavy blonde tresses, wearing an all-denim two-piece fit that featured a vest-like crop top and unbuttoned skinny jeans. As the song begins, Carey’s glam team stands around her as they tend to her glam and finishing touch while she mouths the lyrics.

As the music continues, her glam team begins to dance, and her twins jump into the frame, joining the dance challenge. Carey stands effortlessly in the back of the dance number as she fans herself for an added dramatic touch.

“Why not? Jumping on the trend of my own song lol #touchmybody,” she captioned the video.

Carey then steps around the crowd to reclaim the spotlight while her babies dance beside her and sing along to the lyrics with animated facial expressions.

Mimi’s fans went crazy over the video; it now has over 6.6 million views and 900k comments supporting her moves and looks in the video clip.

“OWEMJIIIII THE QUEEN ON MY FYP!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHH,” one fan commented. “You look too good, MC and the curls are 🔥,” another commented.

@mariahcarey It’s a wrap! But never for us! 😘 @kimandnorth @roeroediva @kimkardashian ♬ It’s A Wrap – Sped Up – Mariah Carey

This isn’t the first time Carey’s songs have hit the TikTok for you page; last year, her hit song “It’s A Wrap” was deemed another hit dance trend with millions of users sharing their renditions. Carey posted videos with her family, friends, and team, performing the direction for her 8.2 million followers.