Mary J. Blige has been in the music industry for nearly 30 years and at this point, she’s focusing more on the second act of her life via the big and small screen. These days, MJB is adding more acting credits to her belt.

While she received an Oscar nomination for her performance in Mudbound, the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul” admits she’s not overly confident about her skills as an actor. The 50-year-old Grammy-winner says she’s still growing in the craft but enjoying the process while doing so, noting it’s a huge difference between performing live on stage and performing for a few cameras.

“I was not always super secure with my acting ability,” she said during a recent chat with InStyle Magazine. “There’s nobody clapping, nobody screaming, just a cold camera,” Blige says. “So I had to keep pushing.”

That hasn’t slowed down her acting opportunities. Blige current shines as Monet Tejada in Power Book II: Ghost and is featured in the Aretha Franklin biopic Respect alongside Oscar-winner and fellow singer Jennifer Hudson as the legendary Dinah Washington.

And she’s taking additional steps to solidify herself in film and television. She revealed that she is currently building her production company, Blue Butterfly, that will aim to develop diverse film and TV shows. Named after her hit single “Family Affair was just sold to ABC.

But fans don’t have to worry that Blige is forgetting them on the music side. In June, Blige released her single “Hourglass” which premiered during her Amazon Prime documentary My Life, celebrating the 25th anniversary of her sophomore album.