Yandy Smith-Harris has fans in an uproar over the current status of her relationship with her foster daughter Infinity. Smith-Harris proudly began the adoption process of a now-19-year-old Infinity when she was a young teen. She even fought back against co-stars who questioned her genuineness. 

While fans were initially praising the Love & Hip Hop star for taking Infinity in, the tides have changed. She’s been receiving backlash for her decision to kick Infinity out over the disapproval of an older person that shhe’s been seeing. Infinity has also complained that her relationship with Smith-Harris has changed since her husband Mendeeces has been released from prison, which was also documented on the VH1 reality series.

Mendeecees boldly was hesitant of his wife’s decision to take her in. amid drama between the three, he excluded Infinity from a holiday social media post, leaving Infinity feeling abandoned and causing further estrangement.

Smith-Harris has defended her decisions on social media while Mendeeces has remained quiet. But after the latest episode documented Mendeeces proposing that Infinity moves into her own place in hopes of bettering their relationship, fans are now taking their anger out at him. Infinity rejected the idea despite the couple offering to pay two months’ rent, explaining she feels further abandoned.

“I see a lot of y’all upset [about] Monday’s episode,” he began in a recent social media post per Atlanta Black Star. “Look, I’m upset too. That conversation took an hour-long, and how it was edited to two minutes, the two minutes y’all get to see, it was very saddened, you know. It was very sad. I was sad by what transpired by that conversation. I was really, really trying to figure out a solution, because I didn’t know how to deal with this situation.” 

Mendeeces has stated that he feels Infinity has caused havoc in their home but is open to trying to better the situation. Harris says that idea of Infinity moving sprang from a conversation he’d had with his wife before his prison release.

“When I was away I had a lot of conversations with my wife about the DA office, about police being involved, about people following her. People threatening to take the kids away. Not by Infinity but by some of the decisions she made led to these things happening,” he continued. Fans remember that Smith-Harris said false information to the media in an attempt to have her children taken away from her as revenge.

“I forgave her. I came home, I forgave her. I’m here now regardless of what happened while I was away. I’m going to protect my family,” he insists.

As far as the picture he left Infinity out of, he has an explanation, saying, “In the mix of that happening, Infinity got triggered by a picture while she was in New York. Now, you gotta understand me and my position. I was gone for four years, you know, and in them four years my kids was truly missed.”

Hopefully, they can all come to a resolution.