My Dad the Bounty Hunter has taken its last adventure.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 3D-animated series co-created by former Pixar animator and We the People director Everett Downing Jr. and Patrick Harpin, has been cancelled after two seasons. The sci-fi children’s series starred Laz Alonso as the voice of Sabo Brok, a man whose job is a mystery to his children until they stow away on his ship and learn he’s a bounty hunter.

The series also starred the voices of Harpin and Downing as well as JeCobi Swain, Yvonne Orji, Priah Ferguson, Yvette Nicole Brown, Rob Riggle, Kevin Durand, Leslie Uggams and Jamie Chung, among others.

The Hollywood Reporter states the series has placed on Nielsen’s list of top 10 original streaming series. Netflix metrics also show the series garnering 86.5 million hours of worldwide viewing for the first season over 10 months. Season two garnered 26.7 million hours over 3 1/2 months.

Shadow and Act spoke to the cast and crew in 2023 about the importance of the show in terms of representation of Black families. Alonso said that the show addressed the stereotype that Black fathers aren’t present in their children’s lives.

“I think it continues to dispel the idea that Black dads are not present or don’t wish to be present in their children’s lives,” he said. “In our show, it shows that our father is prioritizing, providing, and he’s so focused on providing for his kids and for his family that his daughter ends up teaching him what they really need, which is more of his presence and what they really want, the love that that they want to receive from him. That’s it. You can’t put a price on it.”

“I think that it’s a fun space, an intergalactic story that’s killing tons of aliens and dealing with a whole bunch of different crazy creatures and situations out there,” he continued. “But at the core of it, it’s a family story about kids that just want their pops to be around more.”

Despite its success, the show is just one of several animated projects that have been cancelled by the streaming service. Like with a lot of Netflix cancellations, these projects aren’t cancelled for an understandable reason outside of possible financial reasons. This cancellation is just another that could make Netflix’s audience feel betrayed by the streaming service.