The four-time Grand Slam champion, Naomi Osaka, shared her feelings about misogynistic views placed on her after the announcement of her pregnancy and withdrawal from tennis until 2024. Osaka tweeted her thoughts in response to sentiments that women must be either an athlete or a mother.

“Btw to the people that are suddenly concerned about my career- There are plenty of male athletes with kids that are significantly less accomplished; you might wanna worry about them instead. Thanks for the concern, might wanna redirect it to someone that needs it, though,” she wrote.

“Not trying to make this a male and female thing, but let’s be fr,” she added to her argument.

Fans of Osaka and fellow mothers online wrote positive messages in response to her tweets. Many women online agreed with Osaka and listed successful women with multiple children to support their argument that — women can do it all.

No matter what Osaka decides, she’s been very candid about her beautiful support system and how she’s enjoying how easy her pregnancy is. We wish the best to her this journey.