Ayesha Curry is deep in her acting bag in the new Netflix film, Irish Wish, with Lindsay Lohan.

Curry stars as Heather in the rom-com, which chronicles a woman’s journey as she heads to Ireland to be a bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding despite the love of her life being the groom. Ultimately, the bridesmaid finds love herself after making a wish.

In a recent interview with Blavity’s Shadow and Act, Curry explained that as someone who travels often, this experience was one of her favorites, as they filmed in Ireland.

“I think we were so fortunate to be able to film in Ireland,” she said. “It’s just gorgeous. But I think it adds to the story in the sense that the main character is falling in love with this Irishman, and they go back for a series of weddings there in Ireland. So it only made sense to film there,” she said.  “But it really just brings the culture and the warmth to life of how incredible Ireland is and how incredible the culture and the people are. It’s really featured throughout the film. I don’t think it would be as great of a film as it is without having all of that scenic view, vista and all of that.

As for her character, Curry says Heather is who she’d be if she were single with no children. But she says they both share loyalty in common.

“I think that’s what I loved about Heather. It was that she was kind of this voice of reason for her friends in more ways than one. And I like to think that I tend to be that person for my friends. Maybe not in every situation, but in most, and so that was a huge similarity and I didn’t have to try too hard in that department,” she said.

Watch the full interview above. Irish Wish is now streaming on Netflix.