next-day-animations-process-1-638In November 2015, The White House Council on Women and Girls released a report entitled “Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color,” which encouraged the private sector to help address opportunity gaps for women and girls of color. In the spirit of this call for action, Next Day Animations has launched a scholarship program for young women of color pursuing higher education.

The “Girls Who Illustrate Awesomeness” Scholarship offers 2 awards of $750 to young women actively seeking to change the world. Applicants are asked to submit a written essay or short YouTube video explaining who they are and what they are doing to make a difference.

“We’re thrilled to be sponsoring this scholarship to lift up the voices and work of young leaders. As a values-driven business, we care deeply about racial justice and the impact of our work on the world. And as a small business, this is one concrete way we can support the leaders of tomorrow,” says Caitlin Rogers, Productions Director. “We hope that ‘Girls Who Illustrate Awesomeness’ will inspire other organizations to create new opportunities focused on reducing disparities.”

The scholarship will be awarded for the spring of 2017. Qualified applicants are young women or gender nonconforming individuals of color with at least a 3.0 GPA, and are currently enrolled full-time in a college/university, or will begin in the spring of 2017. The application deadline is December 1, 2016. More information on the scholarship and how to apply can be found at

Founded in 2012, Next Day Animations specializes in whiteboard animations and explainer videos for businesses, government and nonprofits, including United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Seed Savers and many others.