Director Nia DaCosta debuted a new teaser for Candyman. The trailer gives viewers more insight into how the legend of Candyman connects to the real subjugation of Black folks by the hands of white America.

DaCosta wrote on Twitter that Candyman is “at the intersection of white violence and Black pain,” and tells the story of “unwilling martyrs.”

The film and the legend focuses on “the people they were, the symbols we turn them into, the monsters we are told they must have been,” she continued.

The teaser, which can stand as a short film on its own, was created with shadow puppets by Manual Cinema, a “performance collective, design studio and film/video production company based in Chicago, IL,” as described by the collective’s Twitter page.

DaCosta’s post was flooded with positive reactions to the video, with many saying how tragic, yet beautiful, the video is. If the reaction to this video is so powerful, it’s more exciting to see what kind of truths Candyman will give audiences once the film comes to theaters Sept. 25.



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Photo credit: Nia DaCosta/Manual Cinema