Nicki Minaj and her favorite childhood teacher shared a special moment on Instagram Live. During their chat, Nicki appeared emotional as her past teacher, Liz Smith-Breslin, recounted how she finally realized her previous student Onika Maraj is famous.


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“I went to a JAY-Z and Eminem concert with my sisters, and you came out and performed,” the teacher said after explaining that she had not recognized her on stage during the concert.

“And I was like, ‘Oh my God, she’s really good!’ And we were dancing and singing — did not know it was you,” Smith-Breslin confirmed.

“A week later, my old school, P.S. 45, called and said ‘Listen, Liz, E! True Hollywood Story keeps calling, you were Nicki Minaj’s favorite teacher,’ and I literally dropped the phone,” Smith-Breslin said.

The elementary school Nicki attended is known as Clarence Whiterspoon, where she graduated in 1993.

Smith-Breslin added to the sentimental moment when admitting that following that phone call, she was on a mission to find every photo and video footage she had of a young Minaj in her class.

“I joke and say, ‘I taught her everything she knows,'” she joked.

Nicki Minaj and Smith-Breslin have had a tight-knit relationship for years since realizing who Onika was. In 2017, Nicki posted a picture of Smith-Breslin with her son nine-year-old son, Quinn, speaking out against the bullying Quinn was dealing with at his school.

The Super Freaky Girl artist re-posted her teacher’s Instagram post coming to his defense in a since-deleted caption posted on Feb. 8, 2017.


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“Dear Quinn, from the moment I met you (yes, the day you ran away from me b/c my pink lipstick scared you 😩). I just knew you were on the road to greatness! I’m so proud of you for being so brave. Your mother changed my life as my fifth-grade teacher & now I get to see her little Prince grow up and take on this world head-on! Anyone bullying you is simply just intimidated by your GREATNESS & POTENTIAL.” Nicki captioned the photo, HITC, reports.

“One day I’m going to buy a ticket & come & watch you acting on the big screen,” she added to the touching post.

“Remain positive, sweetheart, Aunty Nicki LOVESSSSS YOU!!!!!!!!,” she said in her final words of praise in support of Smith-Breslin.

If you watched the IG Live, did it bring up any old elementary memories of who your favorite teachers were?