Monica Beverly Hillz gets the Fame Games rolling on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 after her performance of her original song “Not a Soul Can Clock” goes viral.

The penultimate episode had the eliminated queens return to compete to win the Fame Games, the second way contestants could win a grand prize outside of the main competition. The queens gave performances showing off their talents, and Beverly Hillz’s performance was her original song. The other contestants and RuPaul herself vocally enjoyed the performance, with RuPaul giving her signature laugh of approval.

After the performance aired, PopCrave reported on Twitter that the phrase “NOT A SOUL CAN CLOCK” went viral on social media.

Fans began remixing the song and recounting Beverly Hillz time on the season. One commenter posted videos from Beverly Hillz’s first All Stars episode and her recent performance.

Another commenter meshed Beverly Hillz’s song with K-pop girl group Odd Eye Circle.

Another Twitter user meshed the song with Beyonce’s “Break My Soul.”

Other viewers made light jabs at how Beverly Hillz pronounced “Not a soul can clock” by making Twitter posts about “not a soaking clock.” One such viewer is Bob the Drag Queen, who posted a picture of a stopwatch in water.

Overall, it’s clear that Beverly Hillz has had a quick sprint to the top of the Fame Games pack with her now iconic lyrics.