KeanuNia Long and Jason Mitchell (he played Eazy-E the N.W.A. film, "Straight Outta Compton") are both members of the cast of the Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele New Line Comedy, "Keanu," which is directed by Peter Atencio, and follows a group of friends posing as drug dealers in order to retrieve a stolen cat. 

Method Man and Will Forte are also part of the cast.

Peele penned the script along with Alex Rubens.

New Line has already set an April 22, 2016 release date for the film.

It’s one of a handful of projects that Key & Peele have on their growing to-do list. The duo is hot right now, with a number of feature projects in some stage of development, including a film adaptation of a popular sketch from their TV show, "Substitute Teacher," a potential "Police Academy" reboot with Judd Apatow, a horror movie exploring the fears of being a black man today, and more.

Watch the fist trailer (which is red-band) for "Keanu" below, after the poster premiere: