In a wide-ranging interview with GQ, Quincy Jones dishes on just about everything.

Jones, who turns 85 this year, has some plans: “a Netflix documentary, a prospective ten-part TV biopic he hopes will star Donald Glover, a star-studded TV event on CBS” hosted by Oprah.

There has not been any official word (outside of the GQ feature) of any of these projects, but a Quincy Jones biopic, especially one that would have 10 episodes, would be quite interesting.

It also could possibly the longest project to ever hit television outside of The Jacksons: An American Dream…or reruns of The New Edition Story with commercials.

In all seriousness, it would be a sizeable chunk of an impressive eclectic resume Glover is building now with film (Star Wars), television (Atlanta) and music (everything Childish Gambino-related).

You can read the full Quincy Jones feature at GQ.