The upcoming episode of Real Murders of Atlanta takes on one of its most chilling cases yet.

In the exclusive clip below, you can learn more about the details from the Lita Sullivan case. Atlanta native Sullivan was killed as she answered her door; the reason behind her murder becomes more involved than anyone could have imagined. According to the description for the episode “Death’s Doorstep”:

A flower delivery turns deadly when a woman is executed after answer the door at her wealthy Buckhead estate. The hunt for the mastermind behind the assassination takes investigators around the world and back.

According to Black Then, Sullivan was better known as Lita McClinton, who was part of a reputable, influential family in the area. Before her murder in 1987, she married white millionaire James Vincent Sullivan. McClinton’s family never approved of James. After the couple moved to Palm Beach, FL, their marriage began to crumble, with race playing a factor.

Eventually, she left her husband and went back to Atlanta, where she filed for divorce. In the divorce case, she stood to gain half of his property and earnings, including half of his $5 million estate. When Sullivan was killed, it was the morning before the date of the couple’s divorce settlement.

Real Murders of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Oxygen.