Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver finally premiered on Netflix last month, to a flurry of uproarious fan reactions. The film, which follows up the first Rebel Moon installment from December 2023, serves as Zack Snyder’s take on the sci-fi genre, and originally began as an idea for his own Star Wars installment. The legendary filmmaker touts a massive following of die-hard fans, who were immediately excited to learn that Snyder had taken on this huge project, and were quick to flood the streamer with requests for more. The Scargiver concludes with plenty of room to expand into a third installment, though no such threequel has been confirmed at this time.

Now that the film has been out for a bit, it only seems fitting that we examine the events of the spectacle space movie, and dissect the thrilling conclusion. Please be advised, there are heavy spoilers ahead for both Rebel Moon and Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver, so please be sure to bookmark this page and return later if you haven’t caught up on both films just yet. Without any further preamble, let’s discuss the plot of the two-part sci-fi epic.

What Happens In The First Rebel Moon?

2023’s Rebel Moon centers on Kora, a simple villager with a mysterious past, as she rallies warriors from across the galaxy for a noble cause. The film sees the Imperium, a militaristic group headed by a tyrannical ruler, travel the galaxy conquering and colonizing planets, stripping them of their resources, and killing anyone who dares stand in their path. When the Imperium arrive on the moon of Veldt, led by the bloodthirsty Admiral Atticus Noble, Kora steps up to defend her home against all odds. The majority of the first film sees Kora traveling from place to place recruiting warriors of different backgrounds to assist in her cause, eventually developing an ensemble of support from across the galaxy.

As the plot of Rebel Moon progresses, Kora reveals that she was once a member of the Imperium herself, so she has first-hand experience with the brutality of the invading regime. While working with the organization, Kora was assigned to protect a princess who was foretold to bring peace to the universe, though she ultimately failed at her duty, and the royal family was assassinated while under her watch. By the end of the first film, Kora has established a rag-tag group of fighters willing to put their lives on the line to stop the evil Imperium.

Kora’s group includes a local farmer named Gunnar, a fellow Imperium defector named Titus, a smuggler named Kai, a beast master named Tarak, a cybernetic swordsman named Nemesis. After suffering a betrayal at the hands of Kai, the gang are able to kill Atticus Noble, though he is ultimately resurrected through a complex science fiction mechanic, setting the stage for another fight.

The Plot Of The Scargiver

Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver picks up right where the first film left off, as Kora and company travel back to Veldt to prepare for the incoming onslaught. In preparation for the attack, the farmers harvest as much grain as humanly possible, so that the Imperium don’t simply destroy the entire village from afar. With so many resources pooled, Kora suspects the greedy Imperium management will demand their foot soldiers descend on the village to sack them for supplies. Meanwhile, the team of warriors gather the villagers to train them in combat, providing a slight edge to the generally peaceful community.

As Kora and Gunnar continue to grow close with each other, she reveals yet another shocking detail about her mysterious backstory. As it turns out, Kora wasn’t just on duty when the princess was killed, but actively engaged in murdering the royal family herself while working with the Imperium. In her final moments, the princess offered her preemptive forgiveness to Kora for slaying her, though she still carries the guilt every day. Gunnar is able to see beyond Kora’s past, and attempts to absolve her of her conduct, though Kora explains that she will not be able to move on until she has defended the village on Veldt to her last breath.

Rebel Moon’s Final Moments

After a film and a half’s worth of build-up, the Imperium soldiers finally begin to close in for the final battle. As Rebel Moon Part 2 enters its thrilling climax, Nemesis is killed defending women and children from Noble’s men, and much of the village is destroyed. Kora must cope with the trauma of her past misdeeds while fighting against the very force she once strengthened, and a massive action sequence plays out in classic Zack Snyder fashion. Snyder has been criticized for his poor character development in many of his previous films, but his directing capabilities truly shine when highlighting theatrical moments, particularly in the heat of battle.

After a lengthy assault, Gunnar is able to kill Noble, permanently this time. Unfortunately, he ultimately succumbs to his wombs, and dies shortly thereafter. Kora then admits her past to Titus, who reveals that he has known the truth about her the entire time. In a shocking twist, Titus also reveals that the princess is secretly alive and currently in hiding. With few remaining members of their crew left alive, Titus and Kora resolve to locate the princess and restore her family lineage to power, no matter the cost. The credits roll before this can truly be explored, making the reveal a grand teaser for a third installment which may or may not become a reality.

The True MVP Of Rebel Moon

While Rebel Moon is centered around Kora and her emotional journey to destroy the Imperium, the true star of the two films is Djimon Hounsou, who positively shines in every scene he touches. Hounsou’s performance as former Imperium general Titus brings all the gravitas and screen presence you would expect from a seasoned character actor. The West African thespian has appeared in a number of popular films in recent years, including Blood Diamond, Furious 7, and A Quiet Place Part 2. Djimon has also held screen credits in a number of films for both Marvel and DCU, popping up in projects such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Aquaman, Shazam, and Black Adam.

With any luck, Djimon Hounsou’s front-and-center placement in the Rebel Moon films will catapult him to household name status, as he has easily the best performance in the film. For now, no future Rebel Moon installments are confirmed, meaning Titus’ big reveal is the closer for the entire franchise until further notice. For any news and updates on the future of the franchise, be sure to follow Blavity News.