The divorce between The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie LaToya Ali and her estranged husband, Adam Ali, has turned ugly. The two split in 2020 after six years of marriage, 3 children, and a booming online brand courtesy of YouTube, and things haven’t been copasetic. 

LaToya was brought on as a friend to the show versus a full-time cast member due to Adam’s hesitations that their children or marital trouble be on full display. According to LaToya, Adam is trying to destroy her financially by leaking things to the press and threatening to expose her publicly to tarnish her name. 

In a YouTube video titled “Why Did I Get A Divorce?”, LaToya says she “checked out” of the marriage in 2016 but tried to make it work for the sake of their family and businesses. Each time she’d try to end things, she alleges Adam used manipulative practices like baiting her to come back for the children and their popular brand as a couple. But LaToya says she grew more depressed and withdrawn, even letting Adam take the lead on parenting because she was so down.

LaToya claims that things became worse when she began to feel that Adam was unfaithful. She says she found text messages between him and another woman planning a vacation in Mexico. This all happened when she says she was pregnant with their youngest child.

In return, LaToya admits to cheating, becoming intimate of sorts with another man while she was on vacation. After Adam discovered such, she claims that he became violent.

“I went to bed because I was tired,” she said in the video. When I went to bed, he came in the room and he turned down the light, grabbed my legs, and pulled me — like dragged me off the bed. He picked me up, shoved me against the wall, and he started to choke me,” she said. Ali claims that out of fear that Adam, who like her is a native of Canada, would get deported, she didn’t report the incident to the police. LaToya also claims that Adam “purposely” got her pregnant when she was drunk.

In his own videos, Adam denies LaToya’s claims. On Instagram Live, Adam claims LaToya is money hungry and is selling her soul for fame, even abandoning their children. Per LaToya, Adam is the one who is trying to fight for full custody and makes their co-parenting situation difficult by setting up unnecessary stipulations. She also claims Adam was only with her for financial reasons.

On the other hand, Adam says LaToya will do anything for fame and fortune and that their split was orchestrated. He also alleges LaToya put a tracker on his car (which she admitted to in her YouTube video) and hired a private investigator to track his moves. Adam also claims LaToya only makes $1000 per episode on RHOA

Per Adam, LaToya’s interest in getting a gun caused him to get a restraining order against her, which LaToya also mentions in her video. He alleges LaToya’s own family grew concerned with her behavior. 

This is a developing story that will likely continue to make headlines as time goes on.