Reactions to The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie LaToya Ali have been polarizing Ali is outspoken and sometimes abrasive, often rubbing her costars the wrong way. She’s gotten into verbal spats with fellow newcomer Drew Sidora regarding wigs and marriages. Many viewers also believe Ali is putting on for the cameras and doing a little too much in order to secure her position on the show.

Now, Ali is facing a new level of backlash. An old video from Ali’s popular YouTube channel has resurfaced in her trash-talking a former friend. Her comments have people in an uproar, accusing her of colorism.

“This girl is super ghetto. She has huge Donkey Kong lips,” she said in the video titled The Time I Beat Up My Best Friend. “Y’all just close your eyes. Just imagine a face with two pillowcases as lips. Now open your eyes. She wore single braids and every time she would swing her hair, a braid would fall out. You see that braid that’s just lingering around in your neighborhood, yea it’s probably hers.”

Ali’s comments now have people digging into her remarks about Sidora’s wig, where she called her “Drew-isha,” seemingly adding the name an inference to Sidora also being ghetto.

Black Twitter is lighting Ali up as a result.

After the video resurfaced, Ali issued an apology: