Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Potomac is back and the topic of discussion was the Juan Dixon fiasco. While Robyn Dixon would like the audience to believe that Juan is innocent, many viewers aren’t buying it. She claims a woman from Canada is lying about their involvement, despite her producing a hotel receipt with Juan’s signature on it. According to Robyn, the woman in question flew to a neighboring country to meet another athlete but lost her credit card in a D.C. casino. Juan, Robyn says, being the nice man that he is and having communicated with the woman in the past via social media DMs, offered to pay for her hotel, which explains his signature. And nothing else happened. The RHOP ladies aren’t buying it either.

In a tense scene featuring a tearful Charisse Jackson-Jordan, Ashley Darby and Gizelle Bryant, the sister circle tries their hardest to get Robyn to take her blinders off, but she won’t. In fact, she says her marital bliss is being clouded by the world for continuing to discuss Juan’s alleged cheating…and not Juan putting himself in a questionable position. She’s sticking beside him.

While there were some other high notes in the episode, like Mia and Gordon’s road to Splitsville being obvious, much of the social media chatter was centered on Robyn and Juan, and fans can’t believe she is falling for the foolery. It’s making Ashley’s choice to be blind to Michael’s indiscretions look good, because at least Ashley finally left….for now.

You know when Gizelle is holding Robyn to the fire, it’s bad. One X (formerly known as Twitter) user said the scene was reminiscent of Destiny’s Child’s music video for “Girl.”

Out of seven seasons, Juan has only appeared in two reunions and made it known he didn’t want to be there, and fans brought this up as well.

While husbands don’t get paid a Bravo salary to be on the show, Juan did lose his job with Coppin State University amid a sexual misconduct scandal involving his staffer and a player, as well as reported low scores last season. Could he be trying to position himself in a way to get another gig? One X user thinks so.

X users were quick to remind others of Robyn’s previous conversations about other marriages on the show.

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