The split between The Real Housewives of Potomac stars Mia and Gordon Thornton has gotten nasty already. Gordon was reportedly blindsided by Mia’s decision to file for separation and has been unhappy with the way she’s used it for the show’s upcoming eighth season. Now, Gordon has blasted his estranged wife via a shocking TMZ interview in which he claims she is leaving him for a younger man with money. Fans are not surprised, but they are definitely entertained and waiting to see how things will play out throughout the season.

In a strange turn of events, Gordon, 70, says that Mia, 38, has left him for a younger man with money.

“What really aggravates me through all of this, is that I’d given her permission, and yet she still chooses to sneak around, chooses to lie, chooses to continually change her story about what’s going on and why she’s leaving me,” he explained, noting that he gave her permission to be with other men outside of their marriage as he knew that due to their age gap, he may not be able to fulfill her needs. But he says she broke their agreement.

“I said [she] could see someone — just don’t make it public,” he continued. “Be careful and don’t involve the kids. Well, she’s still sneaking around and thinking that I didn’t know,.”

Since losing his status in their business, The Joint Chiropractor, the couple were reportedly living off minimal funds and savings. Gordon says it’s why Mia has decided to hump shift. He says she told him she’s engaged to another man, they plan to start businesses together, and they already live together.

“I absolutely believe her leaving me now is tied to the fact that I don’t have access to assets and my funds are limited at this point in time,” he alleged. “I absolutely believe that she’s leaving me because she sees an upgrade.”

As for what their future together looks like, it’s not an amicable one, per Gordon. “My desire is to never, ever, ever be associated with her again beyond our co-parenting situation,” he said. “If we end up getting back together, it will only truly be for some advantage for the kids. It wouldn’t be for love.”

Some fans are not sympathetic, considering Gordon and Mia both admitted they began an affair together while married to other partners.

Others find it comical that Gordon believed love was ever a factor for Mia.