The Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby and her husband Michael Darby appeared on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. While Ashley and Cohen discussed all things pertinent, Michael served as the bartender.

Ashley even participated in a game of “Lovey Dovey Darby” with Michael to gauge their awareness within their marriage. The couple answered a question about threesomes before Michael was given the opportunity to clear the air about the recent “fan pic” of a blonde woman.

This makes yet another time in recent years Michael has been in the midst of infidelity speculation. As expected, Michael denied the rumors.

“Sometimes we go out together; sometimes we go on our own, and so I went out and had a good time,” he said. “Of course there’s fans all over the place and they came up and said hello. But you know, I’m always going to have pictures taken of me in places — I really don’t care anymore.”

“I have a good time, and I love this woman dearly,” he added. “And we’re together forever.”

Ashely added, “We are doing things differently this time postpartum, and we’re having more fun this time than we did last time. So I think I’m keeping him happy at home.”

Before this, Michael’s most recent bout of infidelity rumors started when photos accompanied with a video surfaced of him in a hotel room. He then confessed to Ashley that he “did something he regrets.” Charges were also dropped after Michael was accused of groping a RHOP crew member.