Ashley Darby is not playing it cool on whose side she’s on in the legal battle between Candiace Dillard Bassett and Monique Samuels. During the last episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, the cast trip to Portugal continued and things became tense between Dillard Bassett and Darby.

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During a cast dinner, Dillard Bassett updated the women on her plans to start a family. She became emotional when discussing that throughout her adult life thus far, she was not interested in having children because of her own childhood trauma. She’s since changed her mind and is excited about the possibility of motherhood.

Darby was less than enthused. During season 4 of the show, Dillard Bassett was critical of Darby’s plans to start a family. She claimed she did not believe Darby was genuine in trying to become pregnant and questioned how much Darby drank at the time. Making things worse, Dillard Bassett questioned how authentic Darby’s husband was when he cried over their recent miscarriage.

Darby reminded Dillard Bassett of her insensitivity. Initially, Dillard Bassett was resistant to the conversation but later apologized and told Darby to take the time she needs to heal from the hurt she was caused. Darby insists she wants to support Dillard Bassett.

But the motherhood thing isn’t Darby’s only grievance with Dillard Bassett. She’s still upset over Dillard Bassett’s tantrum that resulted in her throwing a butterknife her way while she was trying to conceive. These two situations prove to Darby that Dillard Bassett lacks control, leaving her to side with Samuels in their legal battle following Samuels and Dillard Bassett’s wig-pulling incident.

Darby tells the ladies that Samuels has asked her to write a character letter referencing Dillard Bassett’s violent outbursts, to which she’s agreed to do so to ensure Samuels does no jail time. She also reminds viewers and her co-stars that Samuels supported her in her husband’s sexual assault case by writing a statement on their behalf. She’s simply returning the favor for a friend and telling her truth in her own experience with Dillard Bassett.

Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon are shocked by the revelation. They warn Darby that Dillard Bassett will not be happy with the news and that any relationship between the two is null and void. Darby does not care. She also reminds them Dillard Bassett took it a step further by attacking her on Twitter, calling Darby a bed wench, concubine, and other slurs.



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