With The Talk still on hiatus amid Sharon Osbourne’s tense exchange with Sheryl Underwood regarding Piers Morgan’s remarks Meghan Markle, Osborne revealed on Entertainment Tonight that she’s not sure she’s interested if she even wants to return to the show she’s co-hosted for 11 years. 

Osborne alleges she was set up by the network and her co-hosts after they’d come to a personal pact that they’d never have a discussion not prepped during the run of the show. This alleged pact came after a heated discussion about the use of the N-word in February.

Now, Wendy Osefo, the resident political commentator of The Real Housewives of Potomac, says she’s ready for a seat at the table.

“So I hear @TheTalkCBS may be having an open seat soon,” she tweeted. “Who can connect me to the right person to fill that seat?! #ClaimingIt.”

The Johns Hopkins University professor has shared her commentary on networks like MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, Fox Business and the BBC.

Last season on RHOP she broke the news to her traditional Nigerian mother that she would potentially be transitioning into hosting and providing commentary full-time.