It looks like the Osefo family are working to mend and blend their families after nearly a decade of estrangement. Fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac were introduced to Eddie and Wendy during Season 5. The two are married parents of 3, including a two-year-old daughter.

While Wendy’s family is a constant presence, Eddie’s has not been. They revealed on the show that there was some tension between their parents during their engagement that led to an unfortunate fallout that wasn’t mended at the time.

Eddie’s parents not only refused to go to their wedding, but he says they also had not met their daughter nor had much of a relationship with his oldest two sons.

He reached out to his parents in hopes that they’d attend an event for his daughter but they ultimately declined the invitation. Some time has passed and Eddie says there’s been some progress.

“They have reached out to Eddie recently, and they’ve had some conversations,” Wendy said during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live. “And I just look forward to where that’s going.”

Eddie, who served as the guest bartender during the episode, provided more clarity, noting the communication is “not so much with my parents.” “My siblings actually reached out a little bit just to talk about, you know, how are things going,” he explained.

Still, the Osefo’s are hopeful for a great outcome, noting, “We’re trying to bridge the gap.”