Wendy Osefo isn’t taking rumors about her husband and his alleged infidelity lightly. The Real Housewives of Potomac star went to war with her co-stars during the recent episode after Ashley Darby brought it to her attention that Gizelle Bryant saw rumors on a blog about her husband Eddie having an affair.

“Gizelle told me how there is this fabricated article about Eddie or whatever having an affair or something,” Darby told Osefo. “This has been discussed, if that’s one of the reasons why you are stepping into being more like sexual, why you and Eddie are more free, because you’re showing people there obviously is no truth to that,” Darby continued, referencing Osefo’s recent physical transformation as a result of her plastic surgery procedures.

“We’re not talking about it because that’s a lie. Thank you so much for trying to find this opportunity to try to attack my marriage,” Osefo said to Darby. 

Darby denied that was her intention. Osefo grew increasingly upset, specifically over the fact that Bryant shared the alleged rumor with the group before telling her one-on-one. She notes that she hears and see rumors constantly about her cast but ignores it.

“I read so much bad stuff about you, Ashley — you and your husband. I read so much bad stuff about Gizelle, so many evil things about Robyn [Dixon], but you guys chose to bring up the thing about me and my husband,” she told Darby. “That speaks about your character. If that’s what we’re doing, let’s have at it.”

Osefo decided to address the group as a whole in a later scene during a whiskey tasting. She took her wrath out on Bryant, speaking to her directly while sending her a warning.

“Instead of you coming to me as a woman, you decide to talk to Ashley, and so, I’m putting your ass on notice because what you’re not going to do — let’s be very clear — is you’re not going to play with my husband’s name,” she snapped. “Don’t f–k with my family.”

Bryant insists there was no malice to her speaking of it, doubling down that she believed the rumor had no merit. But Osefo wasn’t having it, telling Bryant that the reason she lacks a romantic relationship is because of her antics of meddling in other marriages.

“She doesn’t understand the parameters regarding people’s husbands because she doesn’t have a relationship that holds water. I see you for everything everybody ever said that you were,” she told Bryant. “What’s so funny, the life you’re living now, is exactly God paying you back for all the bulls–t you’ve done. So live in your motherf–king truth because God is paying your ass back. That’s real s–t. You want to fire shots, baby girl, I got the motherf–king bazooka. I will drag you up and down the street over my husband. Don’t play with me.”

Watch the clip below: