Mary Cosby might only be in a friend role on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City in season 4, but she’s a fan favorite. And, her storyline is juicy. After hearing rumors of her son Robert Jr. secretly being married, she decided to confront him. “He’s not ready for marriage,” Cosby said in a confessional after hearing the news. She went on to say, “He has no idea that he has to man up. Like he’s going to be the sole provider.” Eventually, Robert Jr. comes clean about the marriage he’s been hiding for a year.

As People reported, during the mother and son’s coffee chat, Mary asked, “Why am I hearing rumors that you’re married? So, if I’m hearing it from people, I want to hear it.”

Robert Jr. confessed, “I went to the courthouse,” he told her, as her eyes bulged. When asked why he chose to wed behind her back. He explained that he and his bride kept the news “low-key” and that they have been married for “almost like, a year.”

In the confessional, Cosby said “They both live in my house,”  she continued, “But I don’t see them much. We kinda have our own wings. And one day like, they were getting dressed. He was rushing to go do something and he was dressed up nice and she was dressed up nice. But they were running full-blown — running like with all their might, but I didn’t know they were going to go get married.”

When Mary asked her son if he believed he made the right decision getting married, he responded “yeah.” Mary is unconvinced.

Mary was clearly hurt by her lack of knowledge in her son’s marriage. She expressed her pain to Robert Jr., noting he is her “only son” and she didn’t “have anyone else.”

“I just have you. I’m going to cry,” as she grew emotional. Robert assured her, “I’m still here.” Mary told her only child, “Don’t be afraid to tell me anything.”