Saltburn is a memorable film for many reasons: it’s Y2K aesthetic, actor Barry Keoghan’s spot-on portrayal of the film’s creepy and complicated protagonist, Oliver Quick, and the shocking ending. But one moment from the Emerald Fennell thriller is getting extra attention on social media, and one of its stars, Archie Madekwe has something to say.

According to HuffPost, the scene in question sees Madekwe, who plays Farleigh in the movie, singing karaoke. Specifically, “Rent” by The Pet Shop Boys. It’s a multi-layered moment—another move in his cat-and-mouse game with Keoghan’s Quick. It seems to be resonated with TikTok users, who have been imitating the scene and urging Madekwe to put out a full cover of the song.


archie, AI, whoever, plz i need full version because with all due respect pet shop boys aren’t giving #saltburn #farleighstart #archiemadekwe #fyp

♬ Rent. Farleighs Version – ratpoop

kinda actually liked this movie 🤭 #saltburn #rent

♬ Rent. Farleighs Version – ratpoop

The actor addressed the buzz on Instagram Stories, and made it clear that it’s not going to lead to a singing career.

“Official statement: I have no plan to record a full studio version of Rent. Apologies and thanks for the DM’s xx,” he wrote.

Welp! There you go.

Madekwe previously spoke about his role in the film in an interview with Blavity’s Shadow and Act.

“This guy who he’s already kind of written off starts integrating into the group and almost starts replacing [Oliver]…this threat starts bubbling up inside him,” he said. “He recognizes someone on the outside looking in, like him. This is not Farleigh’s world–one, he he’s not English. Two, he’s the only person of color. Three, he’s queer. Four, he is not wealthy. It’s all of these things that don’t make him part of this world and all of a sudden this outsider has come in and has potentially taken the place of him. And then he ends up in his house and that’s when the threat comes too close.”

The movie has snagged tons of awards attention, including a Best Actor nomination and a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Keoghan and Rosamund Pike at the Golden Globes.