Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired the U.S. and Latin American rights to Black Cop.

The film, a satire described as a “psychodrama,” was directed and written by Cory Bowles.

It debuted at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

It stars Ronnie Rowe Jr. and Sophia Walker.

It’s description:  It’s not easy being a black cop. For one officer already struggling between duty and moral obligation, things take a drastic turn when he is profiled by his colleagues off-duty, pushing him over the edge. Armed with the power of his badge, an antagonizing radio show for company, and some good old-fashioned rage, the stage is set for a whirlwind day filled with vendetta and just desserts, as Black Cop targets the community he’s sworn to protect.

“Black Cop is not only a thrilling ride but a cutting satire that delivers a strong message,” says Samuel Goldwyn Films’ President Peter Goldwyn. “We are excited to get the audience in the cruiser.”

“We are more than excited to be teaming up with Samuel Goldwyn films for Black Cop’s release in the US. The response on the festival circuit has been electric, and to have the piece continue its journey to a wider audience, is more than the entire team could have hoped for.

The film is produced by Aaron Horton and executive produced by Terry Greenlaw.