Samuel L. Jackson is bringing Nick Fury to Captain Marvel. The movie stars Brie Larson in the titular role and is due in theaters March 2019.

It has been rumored for a while that Jackson would be reprising the role for Captain Marvel, and Deadline is reporting the rumors are true.

Captain Marvel is Marvel’s first female-led, solo superhero movie. The movie has been subject to criticism already due to the fact that the Captain Marvel incarnation we’re seeing is Carol Danvers, and not Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel — a Muslim teen of Pakistani descent — or Monica Rambeau, a black woman who was also Captain Marvel.

Jackson’s Fury, who helped form the Avengers, has been a mainstay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, first appearing in 2008’s Iron Man, and has appeared in many films since.  Jackson will also bring the character to 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War.

Marvel has not commented on Deadline’s report.