MTV and Universal 1440 Entertainment are partnering for a sequel to the 2001 Method Man and Redman stoner comedy How High, according to Deadline. While this will be a direct sequel, it won’t be a theatrical release.

The sequel, written by Family Guy writers Artie Johann and Shawn Ries, focuses on “two young but business-savvy stoners” who go on “a pot-filled odyssey through Atlanta to find their missing weed, only to uncover a vast government conspiracy.”

The stakes are higher (no pun intended) since the last film, which focused on two guys (Method Man and Redman) who smoked pot fertilized by their friend’s ashes and ended up acing their way into Harvard University.

The sequel will begin shooting in Atlanta late this summer. Shauna Garr, a producer from the first film, serves as executive producer, and MTV’s execs over the project include Morgana Rosenberg, Jason Goldbert and Josh Vodnoy.