Sexyy Red is under scrutiny after attending a high school in her hometown, where she threw up her middle fingers upon her entrance. Viewers and parents later voiced their disappointment with her actions.

“So nobody gon ask why the first thing she do when she walks in is flip off a bunch of children?” one person tweeted.

“What the hell kinda school booking Sexyy Red? LMFAOO,” another tweeted under the video thread.

On Saturday, the St. Louis artist excitedly posted a clip of her visiting a high school to help give seniors money for haircuts, prom dresses and other prom essentials.

“What school should I go to next It’s been a minute!” Sexyy Red tweeted with the video.

“Y’all do know I went there to give the boys money for they haircuts and girls bundles for prom week ’cause I remember when I needed help with my prom stuff,” she responded to the commentators.

Before the recent backlash, the 25-year-old has been candid about staying true to who she is while embarking on her music career, despite the “bullying” from viewers.

“People, they try to bully people. You not never supposed to let nobody make you feel uncomfortable with being your true self, for real, no matter what you want to dress. Do what you do,” she told VIBE.

While some discredited Sexyy Red’s donations to the younger generation of St. Louis, others have come to her defense, acknowledging the artists before her, like Lil Kim, who impacted the younger generation at the time with her sex appeal and vulgar lyrics.

“We had Lil Kim crushing Sprite cans with her mouth; these kids are fine. Stop acting like we didn’t have this either,” one user tweeted.

While some may not understand the connection younger generations have with Sexyy Red, she has proven to be an influence. Recently, a child ran up to her asking if she was, in fact, “Sexyy Red” and revealed he was a fan.

“Everyone knows your songs,” he said.

What do you think about Sexyy Red’s entrance to the high school?