We have been following the progress of the sure to be controversial web series "Send Me," created by television and stage writer Steve Harper. Now comes news that, after filming all the episodes a year ago, it is now set to make its premiere on Feb.1 on a video platform soon to be announced.
Tracie Thoms stars as a woman who has the power to send Black people back in time to the days of slavery, however "her husband is determined to stop her in spite of the fact that people want to go."
And that’s the thing – who would want to go back to slavery times, let alone willingly? And keep in mind that, in the series, the premise is that anyone who does volunteer to go back cannot make any changes to the situation. Which means that any woman who dreams of going back and helping Harriet Tubman, or establishing another Underground Railroad, won’t be able to do it
Just the same as any guy who imagines himself as Django, killing every evil white slave owner in sight; or their ultimate dream of being Ken Norton getting it on with Susan George until she can’t take it any more in "Mandingo" (sorry that’s not going to happen).

So, knowing all of that, why would anyone want to go back? I’m sure some of you are already saying to yourselves: "What? ANOTHER slave story? Can’t we do something else?" 

In response to that, this is what Harper aims to do with "Send Me" – to provoke and promote conversation. As he says, “I wanted to create a drama that gets people thinking and talking about race. That’s happening already, given what’s been going on in the news. I hope Send Me adds to the conversation.” 
The cast of the series includes some familiar faces, such as  Gabrielle Carteris ("Beverly Hills 90210"), Jerrika Hinton ("Grey’s Anatomy"), Jasika Nicole ("Scandal"), Nelsan Ellis ("True Blood"), Tucker Smallwood ("The Sarah Silverman Program") and Carlease Burke ("Ballers," "Crowded"). And the series is produced by Chris Rock, with Sara Ramirez of "Grey Antomy" as executive producer.
The 6-episode series will start next month – first with 11 short segments in which characters talk about why they would want to travel back in time. After that, 6 narrative episodes will follow, which will make up the series. No doubt there are plans for another season if the series proves to be successful with audiences.
There is even a YouTube channel for Send Me where you can to check out about 60 videos, including behind-the-scenes footage, including testimonies from regular people from all walks of life considering if they would go back or not.