Over the Thanksgiving holiday, actor Michael Beach decided to reignite some Soul Food family drama.

The actor asked his Instagram followers if his character in the iconic 1997 film made the right decision between his wife, Teri, and her cousin, Faith.

“Cousin Faith VS Terry … Who you got and why? Was Miles right or wrong?” he asked.

The movie has become a favorite for Black families over the holiday season. It celebrates the tradition of family gatherings and Sunday dinners. It also highlighted their tumultuous relationships.

The oldest daughter of the Joseph clan, Teri (Vanessa Williams), allows her cousin Faith (Gina Ravera) to move in with her and her husband, Miles (Michael Beach). Teri’s good deed of insisting her wayward cousin move in is repaid by Faith having an affair with Miles. Their confrontation ended with Wiliams giving a dialogue that ended with the legendary outburst, “Family f***ked my husband!”

Some fans thought Beach may have been trolling with the post because he recently revealed that he, his ex-wife and his current wife live together. Regardless of speculation of the question being based on his real-life situation, fans had much to say about one of the most blatant betrayals in Black cinema history.

One fan reminded Beach that this is still a fresh wound, writing, “Bro…now you know we just started forgiving you for this😢 And you go and post this smh😂”

Another chimed in with the perspective that everyone had a hand in the situation: “Terry- wrong. Faith- wrong-ER. Miles- wrong-EST. All 3 had issues that contributed to this ENTIRE mess😂😂😂 “

One fan exclaimed, “Cousins Faith is the reason no one trust their damn cousins!!!!!!”

This fan reminded Beach they had a real-life run-in over his actions, “You may not remember this but back in the late 90’s there was a Bank of America on the corner of LaBrea and Wilshire. I was walking up to the doors while you was coming out and this lady screamed out from her car ‘n***a you ain’t s**t’. You just looked at me smiled and shook your head 😂😂😂😂”

Even Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell gave her two cents. “We still mad at cousin Faith!! 😂” she wrote.

Shot primarily in the suburbs of Chicago, Soul Food featured a star-studded cast, including Vivica A. Foxx, Nia Long and Irma P. Hall as the family’s matriarch, Big Mama.

The film was well-received for its positive and realistic depiction of Black families and relationships. The soundtrack spawned numerous hits, including the lead single “A Song for Mama,” performed by Boyz II Men, which earned Babyface a Grammy nomination for Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for a Television Series in 1998.



The movie was adapted in the form of Showtime’s Soul Food: The Series, from 2000 to 2004.