One thing reality stars constantly speak out about is bad editing. Black reality stars in particular are consistently speaking out on feeling like the sacrificial lamb on their shows. They blast networks and productions for editing them out to be the stereotypical “angry Black woman” in most instances of confrontation. 

Tamar Braxton has been saying so about her experience with WE Tv and has been for the past few months – Nene Leakes and Mariah Huq also have similar grievances with Bravo. Now, Survivor’s Crystal Cox is sharing the same sentiments about her experience on reality television, telling Entertainment Weekly:

“My edit sucked as the angry female. I am already an intimidating, statuesque female that folks are intimated by because of my height — but to add the mix of angry female was a classic stereotypical representation of most of the few minority females cast on the show.”

She says the solution is to hire more minorities in the editing room. 

“Because there’s limited representation in the editing room, many minority female castaways are edited as angry, loud, intimidating, and outspoken,” she says. “But if there is representation in the editing room, maybe our other strengths can shine through and we are given a fair shot and reap the rewards of being on reality television, like many of our white female counterparts.”

She does however say that she regrets being so outspoken during her stint on the show, but also says balanced editing to show a multifaceted personality is important.


Photo: Getty Images