After Cardi B started the process to seize Tasha K‘s assets in the state of Georgia to collect the $4 million debt, she learned the YouTube blogger only had $1,083 in her bank accounts. 

As previously reported by Blavity, Tasha K lost her lawsuit against the rap superstar back in January and was ordered to pay $4 million to Cardi for making false claims. Following the verdict, the UnWineWithTashaK host made it clear that she doesn’t have the money to pay up, and she filed an appeal. 

But the “Bodak Yellow” rapper wants every penny she’s owed, so last month she started the process to seize all of the vlogger’s property and assets. This included sending a letter to JP Morgan Chase to request that they keep any coins she has.

According to, JP Morgan Chase Bank recently notified the mother of two that Tasha K and her company, Kebe Studios, only have $1,083.02 in their accounts. This won’t even put a dent in the $4 million that is owed.

Since the 40-year-old’s livelihood is on the line, Tasha K has filed an appeal of the judgment that is currently pending. The vlogger is hoping this will hold off any possible collections.

As Blavity reported last month, Tasha K had the streets wondering if she ran to Africa to escape paying the “WAP” rapper.

The vlogger hopped on Instagram to clear up rumors, explaining that she was learning about the continent while on vacation.


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She told her viewers that she would share a vlog of her “new life” in Africa and dropped the first episode documenting her journey a week ago.

At this rate, it seems like it will be a while before Cardi B sees any money from Tasha K. Thoughts?