Apparently Chance the Rapper shot a feature film in secret over the summer, which he stars in, titled “Slice.”

It’s not entirely clear what the film is about, but what did get my attention is that A24 has picked up the film and will distribute it in 2017. A24 is the noteworthy distribution company that is behind Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight” (which is performing quite well in theaters currently, after just 2 weeks in release), as well as other recent critically-acclaimed arthouse faves like “The Lobster,” “The Witch,” and “Room” to name a few. So clearly whatever Chance the Rapper has been cooking up in “Slice” must be comparable.

Austin Vesely – who’s directed many of Chance the Rapper’s videos – is directing “Slice.” Vesely did reveal in a July 2015 interview with Red Eye Chicago, that the film is a “murder mystery” that will see Chance play a werewolf named Dax Lycander, a former Chinese food delivery driver who finds himself at the center of an investigation into a series of murders. In addition, the story will take place in an alternate universe that “has these supernatural elements that people accept as reality.”

That’s all we really know at this time; but I’m intrigued.

Chance the Rapper released a teaser for the film via Twitter; although it doesn’t tell us a lot. Watch it below.