Teyana Taylor‘s Halloween costume played on the Black Panther fandom’s desires to see Madam Slay on the big screen.

Taylor posted pictures to Instagram of her in costume as Madam Slay, one of the major villains in the original Black Panther comic books. Madam Slay was the love interest of Killmonger and used her power to command leopards to kill hunters. She was also able to preserve Killmonger after death with herbs until the Mandarin used the Resurrection Altar to bring him back to life.

“@MarvelStudios make this happen immediately please and thank you,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “Teyana Taylor seen our tweets saying she looks exactly like Madam Slay from Black Panther,” wrote another. Another added, “I hope BP cast/Ryan Coogler see this.”

Fans have continuously written on social media about Taylor’s uncanny resemblance to 1970s drawings of the character and have wanted to see Madam Slay appear in future Black Panther films.

Fans could be getting their wish with Michaela Coel, who has been cast in a currently unidentified role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. While many fans think she might be Madam Slay, many others also think she could be portraying Storm, who was a part of later Black Panther comics in the ’00s when she married T’Challa in an epic wedding story arc.