This March, actress Seyi Omooba was let go from the U.K. production of The Color Purple because of her anti-LGBT Facebook post from 2014. Now, Omooba is suing.

According to PinkNews, Omooba is suing her former agency, Michael Garrett Associates, for religious discrimination.

The agency asked her to apologize for her post and she refused on the grounds of her religious views. She states that she is not homophobic and alleges that her career is “in ruins” because she is no longer asked to attend auditions.

“I am heartbroken,” she said to the Daily Mail, as PinkNews reports. “If I’m unable to get back to the stage, then I feel there is no point. It’s the only thing I have ever wanted since I was a young girl.” Her suit, she said, is “to make sure no other Christian has to go through something like this.”

If you are familiar with The Color Purple, it’s easy to see why Omooba’s past statement was so controversial. Ironically, Omooba is playing a character that experiences her sexuality with another woman, Shug Avery. Shug also provides Celie with physical and emotional avenues to find herself and gain true independence from her abusive husband, Mister. Perhaps an actress who is prejudiced against LGBT people would not be able to accurately portray Celie’s internal growth due to her relationship with Shug.


Actress Ousted From UK Production Of ‘The Color Purple’ Musical After Anti-LGBT Remarks


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