The cast of The Fall Guy got deep and personal when talking about the people in their lives who lifted them up throughout their lives.

Blavity/Shadow and Act’s film/TV cloumnist Sharronda Williams asked the cast who were some of the people in their lives who kept them afloat as they reached for their dreams. Emily Blunt said her agent in the UK was one of the people who fought back against the English hierarchy of trained actors to get Blunt, an untrained actor, through the door.

I never trained, and in England, that is like blasphemy if you haven’t been to drama school,” she said. It was difficult to get an audition in the beginning because if you hadn’t been trained, they didn’t want you coming into reads. I remember my UK agent fighting for me to get in the room to do this big play and I eventually did and I got it and I remember that was a big moment.”

Ryan Gosling described the actions his uncle Bill took to keep him out of trouble in school.

“When I was getting into a lot of trouble in school and I was having a hard time, he bought this big binder and he sat down at the kitchen table and he said, ‘I’m going to fill this with all of your accomplishments,'” he said. “I had not accomplished anything, but I didn’t want it to sit empty, so I started trying to fill the binder.”

Winston Duke praised the teachers he had throughout his life who saw a spark in him when he didn’t see it in himself.

“They taught me I belonged, I was always the kid that stuck out because I was tall and big,” he said. “I remember in acting class, one day my acting teacher sat me down, and this was in college, and he said, ‘You’re great but what would you say is a challenge?’ And he asked me to describe my challenges and I described myself.”

“I said I was big and I’m really tall and I stick out. He said, ‘all the things that you just said are the reasons why I think you’re beautiful.’ That stayed with me and has stayed with me my whole life,” he continued. “It’s ways that people fight for you by sometimes fighting you for you. The fight’s complex and the fight’s nuanced and I’m really thankful for all those people.”

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Directed by David Leitch from a screenplay by Drew Pearce and Glen A. Larson, The Fall Guy encapsulates the magic of movies by telling the story of a stuntman who is down on his luck, but is sent on the mission of a lifetime by his ex-girlfriend to find the missing star of her latest blockbuster.

The Fall Guy is in theaters now.