Tyler Perry’s The Oval has officially reached a new milestone.

The political drama series, which premiered on BET in 2019, follows the tumultuous lives of U.S. President Hunter Franklin (Ed Quinn) and First Lady Victoria Franklin (Kron Moore), who, despite appearing perfect to the world, have multiple scandals behind closed doors.

“I think it has been explosive,” Moore told Blavity’s Shadow and Act regarding The Oval‘s growth. “There’s been a lot of unexpected turns in the show, and I think they will continue.”

With 100 episodes, the series continues to take its viewers on quite the ride.

“In its fifth season, more than anything, people will come to understand that Hunter is not just a frat boy,” she added. “He actually has a mind of his own, and he is a deep thinker. He’s coming to realize some things on his own. So it’s like he’s played around a lot, and he’s still a player, but I think that people will come to have a different perspective and a greater respect for Hunter after this season.”

For Quinn, this isn’t your typical story about the nation’s leader, noting how it differs from adjacent shows, giving viewers an inside peek of the White House.

“I’ve always loved the family dynamic,” he said. “That this family has been on this trajectory, and they get here, and they’re in their own prison. They’re a prisoner of their own moment. They were put here by Victoria’s powerful family, and they kind of had their own way. Our kids were sort of latchkey kids; Victoria and Hunter are always focused on their careers and making money, and Hunter is kind of a hot mess like Kron said.”

He continued, “But it just all kind of works, and then they get to the White House, and it’s just exploding… it’s bursting at the seams. It’s sort of this nuclear fusion in which it’s just kind of erupting, and, this season especially, it goes nuclear by the end.”

Working under Perry’s leadership, Moore reflected on how close the cast has gotten leading up to its current fifth season and the series’ 100th episode.

“We definitely have great camaraderie off camera, and the chemistry on camera reflects that,” she said. “I like to call us a family. We talk to each other at work and outside of work. We’ve had castmates who have had babies and life-changing events, and we show up for each other, and it’s been an amazing experience. You don’t get that on every set that you play on, so it’s been a true blessing to have that bonding and that we genuinely like each other.”

A new episode of The Oval premieres Tuesday on BET.