The first trailer for the mystery film The Private Eye has premiered.

Starring controversial comedian Matt Rife, the film is directed by Jack Cook, who co-wrote alongside Patrick Roe, Hope Ayiyi and Rosalinda Books.

Here’s the official description:

Private investigator Mort Madison (Rife) has seen his better days. A mysterious woman, Michelle (Grant) hires him to spy on David (Elliot), whom he believed to be her lover. In the detective process, Mort himself falls in love with Michelle and decides the only way he can be with her is by eliminating David from the equation. Mort hopes this will entice Michelle to run away with him and live happily ever after only to reveal a mind-blowing twist.

Aside from Rife, The Private Eye also stars Clare Grant, Elliot, Denzel Whitaker, Erik Griffin, Lexy Panterra, Jay Reeves, Elijah Boothe, Eugenia Kuzmina, Alex Kagianaris, Petri Hawkins Byrd, Josiah Jack Kalian, JT Palmer, Cory Kirk and Eric Roberts.

Ayiyi produces the film alongside Stream Gardner and Alex Kagianaris. Raaj Rahhi and Bothe co-produce, while James Friedhoff serves as Associate Producer.

The Private Eye arrives in theaters nationwide on Friday, February 9, 2024.

Watch the first trailer below.