This week, the Battle Rounds commenced for The Voice. Not only has the talent shocked the audience, but it’s leaving the coaches blown away.

The Team Kelly battle finale of Jershika Maple and Jeremy Rosada, who sang Justin Bieber’s “Hold On,” laid everything on the stage getting the coaches out of their seats.

“I don’t know that we’ve ever had battles this good before,” Blake Shelton stated. “This is a blast to sit here and watch.”

“This show is like the most painful thing I’ve ever been a part of,” Ariana Grande joked. “You’re both so good.”

Shelton was favoring Jeremy, acknowledging how the singer held his own during the duet. Grande stated that Jershika’s runs “sent me through the roof.”

John Legend agreed with Shelton noting that although Jeremy’s “range is incredible.”

He said that he was also leaning towards Jershika, telling her, “You are a d**n good singer.”

Although the other three coaches gave their opinions, the decision was left up to Kelly Clarkson, who struggled between the “two amazing powerhouse vocalists.”

“You both elevated each other,” she said. “I thought that was kind of cool and magical. Y’all have the best hearts as well. You’re both just stellar humans.”

Clarkson chose Jeremy as the winner leaving Jershika available to be stolen by the other coaches. Grande and Legend battled with their buttons to do just that.

However, the show concluded on a cliffhanger without Jershika choosing her new team. Both Grande and Legend made their pitches. On Tuesday’s episode, it was revealed that she chose Legend.

Watch the performance below: