Canadian-born actor Jaime M. Callica has appeared in movies and television shows such as Luther, Unreal, Lucifer and Merry Liddle Christmas. Now, Callica can add a Tyler Perry project to his list. Callica portrays Agent Brian Rollins in the new Tyler Perry BET+ series, Tyler Perry’s Ruthless.

In an interview with, Callica revealed that prior to nabbing the role, he would tweet Tyler Perry that he was eager and ready to be a series regular on one of his shows.

“I was so pumped because for the previous 42 days, I’d been tweeting at Mr. P that I was ready to be a series regular on a show and I want it to be with Tyler Perry,” Callica said. “It was a daily affirmation that I would tweet every single day. Then I got the call that I booked it.”

A spinoff of Tyler Perry’s The Oval, Tyler Perry’s Ruthless follows “a young woman named Ruth (introduced on The Oval) who becomes entangled in a scandalous cult of powerful sex-crazed fanatics, who she must now play along with until she can find a way to free herself and her young daughter.” Callica’s Rollins is an FBI agent whose sole purpose is to expose the cult.

Callica isn’t the first actor to express public interest in acting in a Tyler Perry project. In 2019, actress Racquel Bailey paid for billboards promoting her talents to Perry. She eventually nabbed the guest-starring spot on Sistas, another BET Networks drama from Perry.



Actress Who Bought Billboard Ads To Attract Tyler Perry Gets Role On ‘Sistas’


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