Tyler Perry is dusting off his dramatic acting chops once again.

According to an exclusive report from Collider, Perry will star alongside Angelina Jolie in Taylor Sheridan’s thriller, Those Who Wish Me Dead, based on the book by Michael Koryta.

With a Montana wildfire as its setting, the film follows a teenage boy who is the witness to a murder and enters the federal protection program in which he learns survival skills. The skills he learns will help him stay alive once the two killers come looking for him.

Perry’s role is still shrouded in mystery, but according to Collider’s sources, Perry is a fan of Sheridan’s Wind River and the two have wanted to work together.

Meanwhile, Jolie will play someone who does her part to keep the young boy alive, a woman who lives in a lookout tower. Finn Little will play the boy in question, and Nicholas Hoult will play one of the murderers. Aidan Gillen is also in talks to play Hoult’s equally bloodthirsty brother. Jon Bernthal is reportedly in talks to play Jolie’s character’s ex, according to Collider’s sources.

Even though Perry is best known for his Madea comedies, the latest one being A Madea Family Funeral, he has delved into drama. Of course, there are his own dramatic plays-turned-films, but he has also had a part in 2009’s Star Trek and, of course, his disastrous 2012 turn as legendary detective Alex Cross. However, he’s also had some better moments in 2014’s Gone Girl and 2016’s Brain on Fire. Yes, Perry’s dramatic acting career has been hit or miss at best, but perhaps he’ll hit it out of the park with Those Who Wish Me Dead.

Those Who Wish Me Dead will start production in May.


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