Tia Mowry has a Lifetime movie coming out and it appears to be a holiday special. Mowry took to Instagram to post a shot with the “finest grandpa in history”(according to a fan), aka Mark Taylor.

Mowry and Taylor worked on the treasured family film, Seventeen Again, in 2000. In Seventeen Again, Mowry starred as Sydney. Taylor played the younger version of Grandpa Gene while Tia’s twin, Tamera Mowry, played a younger Grandma Cat. The twins’ younger brother Tahj rounded out the family’s cast as Willie, the younger brother of Sydney who was responsible for spilling the magical age potion on Willie’s bar of soap.

Twenty-one years later Mowry and Taylor reunite and it appears to be for another project. Donning a red holiday sweater, Mowry poses next to Taylor who is wearing a gray shirt in a post on Instagram.

“Talk about a #tbt! Who remembers 17 again?”, Mowry asked on Instagram before revealing the picture was for a new project. “…back together working on a movie for @lifetimetv! ”.

Mowry joked, “I think @therealmarktaylor7 must have gotten a hand on that magical soap! This dude doesn’t age!”

With the hashtags Summer Of Santas and A Very Vintage Christmas, fans were able to conclude that it will be a Lifetime Network holiday project, though we don’t know any other details.

Fans along with Mowry’s twin and others celebs commented their congratulations. Tamera wrote, “Yaaaay!!!!! Have fun!! “. Michelle Trachtenberg commented, “OMG! I did a movie also called 17 again…But this one seems way cooler! .”

Fans were delighted as well. “Still the finest grandpa in history there has never been another ,” one fan commented.

At this point, we think both of these actors may be vampires.