Mo’Nique and Myles Cranford in “Interwoven”

Flix Premiere announced that “Interwoven,” directed by V.W. Scheich, starring Mo’Nique, will be the online distributor’s first “Red Carpet Premiere” in the U.S. The movie will make its worldwide debut on Friday, July 1, from 7pm ET until Midnight in the Flix Premiere Online Theatre.

Flix Premiere had acquired exclusive distributions rights for “Interwoven” from Turn Key Films during the 69th Festival de Cannes for seven markets, including the US, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

In “Interwoven,” director V.W. Scheich weaves together 15 interconnected true-life stories from people struggling with love, loss, homelessness, alcoholism, and betrayal. Their tales reveal the fragile ties which bind us all as everyone searches for their meaning of life. The cast includes Mo’Nique, Myles Cranford, Jon Eiswerth, Brooke Burgstahler, Kenichi Iwabuchi, Hilary Barraford, Carlotta Elektra Bosch, and Georgia Van Cuylenburg.

Mo’Nique received a nomination in the Best Actress Awards category at the 2016 Beaufort International Film Festival for her role as Barbara.

Co-writers V.W. Scheich and Uyen Le developed the script based on interviews and submissions of more than 2,000 true stories. Out of the submissions, they identified 15 connected stories about life. Together with cinematographer Wey Wang they intertwined the 15 stories into a film that shows the trial situations people go through, and how sometimes random strangers you meet along the way can change your life.

Myles Cranford in “Interwoven”

“We could not wish for a better movie to kick-off our Red Carpet Online Premiere Series in the U.S. ‘Interwoven’ embodies the quality of films that moviegoers can expect to see in the Flix Premiere Theater – fascinating story plots with intriguing characters and great cinematography,” commented Martin Warner, founder and CEO of Flix Premiere.

The ‘Interwoven’ Red Carpet Premiere can be seen on the Flix Premiere site – – or via the Flix Premiere app for iOS and Android devices.

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