From French writer/director Luc Annest comes the independent comedy feature “Nola Circus,” which chronicles the interconnected lives of people living in a black neighborhood in a town on the Mississippi River, with a rivalry between two barber shops facing each other on the main street as the key setting. On one side there is Will, a black hairdresser who regularly preaches against racial injustices while also having a secret affair with Nola, a young white woman who dreams of a career on Broadway. On the other side, there is Marvin, a well known sex addict who’s having a passionate affair with Karen, a small time pot dealer.

Tension in the over-the-top comedy escalates dramatically one day, sending the lives of the owners, their families, and their friends spiraling out of control.

The film’s ensemble cast includes Vas Blackwood, Dave Davis, Taryn Terrell, Wayne Ricky, Lucius Baston, Robert Catrini, Candice Michele Barley, Martin Bats Bradford, Nicoye Banks and others.

Produced by The Illicit Producers, Nola Circus Production, Highfun (France) and One Million Dollar Film, the film will be distributed by Destiny Films with a USA release in theaters and VOD currently set for October 7th, and a release in France on September 28.

The wacky trailer, which very much lives up to ts “circus” title, follows below: