"Trial by Fire"Nephew of Bob Marley, Charles Mattocks – a celebrity chef and actor – has announced the release of his new documentary film, "Trial by Fire," which explores the effects of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD), a nerve disorder that causes excruciating pain, skin problems, swelling and, in some cases, death. "Trial by Fire," directed by Mattocks, stems from his efforts to help his mother, Constance Marley – a sister of Bob Marley – as she suffers with CRPS.

This movie exposes the suffering of millions and the need for further education, research and treatment options for those that live with what has been described as one of the most painful diseases. While there have been some new developments to treat the disease, not enough progress has been made, necessitating the medical community to focus more attention in order to find better treatments and a cure.

"The film’s message not only touches my life personally, but tens of thousands of others around the world who are suffering," Charles Mattocks said. "I hope the film can draw attention to the disease and explore the latest developments on the causes and treatments, as well as the challenges patients face each and every day."

"It has to be told," Laurie Tankleff, who has CRPS, said. "I have suffered with this disease for over 10 years.  Several years ago I was in a wheelchair for several months until I met Dr. Donald Krieff (a neurosurgeon), Dr. Glen Brooks (an anesthesiologist and ketamine infusion specialist) and Dr. Enrique Aradillas-Lopez (a neurologist). This movie highlights the struggles that I, and millions of others, go through daily. The medical community and society need to see this movie."

The film has been selected for the NYC Indie Film Festival, the Miami Film Festival, the Hollywood, Florida Film Festival and The Online Film Festival. 

It next screens at the Hollywood Film Festival on February 11, 2016, followed by The New York City Independent Film Festival on April 27, 2016.

"Trial By Fire" is currently seeking distribution. Visit trialbyfiremovie.com for more.

Trailer below: