On the latest episode of Drink Champs, Cash Money Records rapper Turk opened up about his time in jail, clarifying his statements about having sex during his nine-year stint. He told N.O.R.E, DJ EFN, and the Drink Champs crew that his comments were misunderstood, explaining that life in jail is not what most think.

You may recall, last year the rapper opened up about his nearly decade-long prison stint, admitting to the public that he had been unfaithful to his wife who had stuck by his side through it all.

“I was cheating in prison,” he said at the time. “You probably like, ‘How you cheat in prison?’ People don’t understand the only thing you can’t do in prison is go home. But you have access to any and everything. She still stood down with me. I cheated on my girl in prison.”

When asked to clarify what he meant by cheating, and whether he cheated with a man or a woman, Turk (real name Tab Virgil Jr.) remained vague with his answer.

“I cheated, man, I cheated. If you want to know how I cheated, go to lulu.com and buy the book,” he said.

This caused the general public to essentially form their own thoughts about what the rapper could have meant.

When given the opportunity to gain clarity around the subject, N.O.R.E could not pass up the chance to have Turk expand on the comment. An hour into the interview, N.O.R.E. asked a clearly inebriated Turk about his previous viral comments regarding his sexual interactions in prison.

There was a statement that you made and you were like, ‘I had sex in jail,'” N.O.R.E began to ask. But before he could complete his line of questioning, the 41-year-old Cash Money alum cut him off to explain what he meant.

“How bout an exclusive? I f****d man,” Turk shouted.

N.O.R.E and the other hosts went silent with confusion. Possibly because they, like most viewers watching the podcast, couldn’t decipher whether they heard “I f****d, man” or “I f***** a man.”

“Wait, what?” N.O.R.E asked.

Turk repeated himself, putting extra emphasis on the profanity, but this time leaving out the word “man”.

“I F***D,” Turk, who you can now tell is very drunk, states again.

He goes on to say, “Let me tell ya’ll something about f*****. See, I’m not gonna get f***** telling ya’ll who I f***** you feel me, but if you a real street n**** then you already know who I f*****.”

And for those who may be confused (because we know we were), Turk went on to add, “A lot of ya’ll be like, ‘he must have f****d a punk’ because ya’ll ain’t got not f***ing status man,”  adding that he’s a “gangsta” that shot police officers before his incarceration.

Turk said that for the full explanation of his time in prison, and who he may have had sexual interactions with, fans will have to “find out on your own” in an upcoming documentary called “52 Bullet.” He also said he discussed his prison life in his 2018 book, The AutoThugOgraphy of Turk.

The rapper added that while his story will be out there, respecting his wife is top of his mind.

“I don’t wanna disrespect my wife,” he said. “Ya’ll ain’t gonna hear from me, but ya’ll gonna hear from me you feel me?”

Shortly after he doubled down on his comments, saying that he was “living” when he was locked up. He offered another example to help viewers understand what prison life really looks like.

“Put it like this, how much n***** do you see with iPhones making albums from jail— these regular n*****. N****, I’m Hot Boy Turk n****, common man you can’t be green all your life. We don’t eat bread and water in m************ jail man, what the f*** wrong wit ya’ll? “It’s different,” he said.

He ended his explanation by sharing that he and his wife were recently stopped by the “feds” after visiting his probation officer. He said they “swabbed my mouth,” and instead of finishing the story, told listeners that they can catch the rest of “’52 Bullet’ documentary.”

Later in the episode, N.O.R.E asked Turk about the infamous viral photos of Birdman and Lil Wayne kissing on the lips. Similar to his sentiments about jail life, he explained that’s culture in New Orleans, though the rapper pointed out that isn’t the only culture where men kiss on the lips.

“The mafia do it too, but you don’t say they’re gay,” he pointed out. 

Turk made it clear that he’s not lying about the interaction between the rappers, explaining that at the time Birdman owed him “millions of dollars” and if he were closeted, he would have been the first to out him. But that’s not the case — from Turk’s perspective the media misinterpreted Birdman and Wayne kissing, as they did his comments about having sex in jail, because the don’t know the inner workings of those cultures.