The moon transitioned into Scorpio yesterday, where it will remain until tomorrow afternoon. Moon sequences are much briefer than the more widely known sun sequences, which last around a month, though they're seen as having a profound impact on our inner emotions.

With the moon's embodiment of Scorpio—one of the most polarizing astrology signs—Twitter has begun to cut up over the matter. Check out what some people had to say about the moon transitioning into this beautifully enigmatic sign.

First and foremost, many centered on the fact that the sun and moon are respectively in Pisces and Scorpio, meaning that water signs are essentially ruling at the moment. This is particularly significant since today is 2/22/22, described as "the Super Bowl for spiritual hoes."

Twitter users also optimistically highlighted the Scorpio sign's association with transformation.

Others focused on some of this astrology sign's more notorious traits: intuitiveness and a penchant for revenge.

People had plenty to say about Scorpios' stereotypically aggressive nature, which is seen as somewhat paradoxical since it's an emotional water sign, after all.

However, others were less pleased about the moon moving into Scorpio, though celebratory memes still dominated the topic.

The moon will be in Scorpio until tomorrow afternoon when it will then transition into Sagittarius.