Disney+ is shaking up people’s memories of their favorite childhood shows. First, it was That’s So Raven. Now, it’s Lizzie McGuire.

A Twitter user pointed out how Lanny (Christian Copelin), one of the few Black characters on Lizzie McGuire, got extra sugar poured into his drink. The Twitter user called it “subtle” racism.

Other users reacted to the video, and also addressed that Lanny never spoke. During the series, in a recurring capacity, Copelin portrayed the best friend of Lizzie’s (Hillary Duff) younger brother, Matt (Jake Thomas). Davida Williams also had a recurring role on the show as Clare, one of Lizzie’s classmates at school.

While Lanny’s lack of speech isn’t new, nor is his love of sugar, it’s interesting to see people react to the character with fresh, more mature eyes.

Since there is a ton of Disney Channel content on Disney+ now, it makes sense to expect even more instances of people recognizing when the Disney Channel made direct or indirect commentary that may have gone over children’s heads.

Most of the original cast of Lizzie McGuire will reprise their roles of a revival series on Disney+.



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Photo: Disney

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