Overnight, Tyla became the world’s most beloved pop star. With her Grammy award-winning breakout single “Water” being the first song by a South African soloist to enter the US Billboard Hot 100 in 55 years, as well as her Met Gala look still being regarded as one of the carpet’s most iconic moments, we can certainly get comfortable seeing her name in the spotlight.

Comfortable with trending on TikTok, the South African songstress has also been the face of a few viral dances, prompting hundreds of thousands to try and nail her moves. The latest Tyla dance challenge is a sensual hip and leg combo she dances during her performance of the instant afrobeat hit, “Jump.” Let’s explore exactly where this dance originated and how it caught fire. 

TikTok’s Tyla Dance Challenge

On May 28th, 2024, a throwback edit was posted to TikTok of Tyla dancing on stage to “Jump,” in which she effortlessly glides across the floor while swaying her hips. The video accumulated over 11 million likes, with nearly 310,000 creators giving the dance their own flavor.

Believe it or not, however, there are deep ancestral roots embedded in Tyla’s “Jump” dance. The self-proclaimed pretty girl from Joburg has never been shy about showcasing South African moves in her choreography, known to incorporate traditional dances like Tshwala Bami, Gwara Gwara, and amapiano moves like the pouncing cat. The viral “Jump” dance is no exception. 

Originating from South Africa, bacardi is a contemporary dance style birthed from a sub-genre of South African house music called amapiano. It involves intricate leg work and calculated body movement, alongside swift and subtle twerking. It looks as hard to do as it is, though for many South Africans, the moves come organically. As women across the world give it their own go, many are unaware of the fact that they’re participating in something incredibly culturally significant, though Tyla has made sure to proclaim it loud any chance she gets. Her music is a sonic fusion of am a piano and bacardi with pop, which has only helped ignite the global South African dance scene renaissance.

Honoring Her South African Roots

Born and raised in Johannesburg, Tyla has made it her mission to put South Africa on the map in a brand new way musically. Platforming cultural staples like Bacardi dance is integral for the rest of the world to truly understand just how vibrant and expressive of a country South Africa is. Beyond just a dance, Bacardi is a celebration of African joy and Black creativity, giving those who participate a chance to express their essence with a sense of freedom. As the movement spreads across the map, it’s important to take time to acknowledge its colorful roots.

While the dance may not seem like the easiest, give the Tyla dance challenge your own shot and let yourself be surprised at how the spirit of rhythm and amapiano takes over!